Welcome to the home of Banmier! I am a composer and sound designer. I love working with other creative individuals so if you have a project that needs sound contact me and let’s see what we can make together!

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New Album!

I am proud to present Lost Dreams, the newest addition to my collection of original work.

Please feel free to listen to the album in the player window to the left. If you would like to know more about this album follow the link below:

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About the Artist

Caden Painter, in his project named Banmier, combines elements of electronica and dance with industrial textures and classical themes with the use of conventional instrumentation as well as found sounds and samples. Caden started writing electronic music as a young teen to punctuate emotional experiences and lucid dreams that would later evolve into a lush environment of creative works ranging from photography and illustrations to music and sculpture.



Carol of the Bells – Single

Lost Dreams

From Gyre to Banmier

Mr. Ashe

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Current Projects


This year I began creating custom synthesizers and sound libraries based on the sounds and processes I typically use when creating my music or sound FX. So far I have two instruments you can download and use in your own projects.

Junk Yard is a collection of tonal and percussive instruments based on and inspired by things I found in a real junk yard. Killer OSC is a synth with three assignable oscillators and a collection of my favorite FX.

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 If you have any questions about my work or would like to enlist my services in a project I would love to hear from you!

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