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About the artist

Caden Painter, in his project named Banmier, combines elements of electronica and dance with industrial textures and classical themes with the use of conventional instrumentation as well as found sounds and samples. Caden started writing electronic music as a young teen to punctuate emotional experiences and lucid dreams that would later evolve into a lush environment of creative works ranging from photography and illustrations to music and sculpture.

From Gyre to Banmier Album art

Banmier’s first Album, “From Gyre to Banmier” is the musical retelling of an epic journey by Caden in which a young man traverses life into adulthood befriending wild and sometimes dangerous characters. Read more about From Gyre to Banmier here!

Mr. AsheBanmier’s sophomore album Mr. Ashe is a based on a darker tale following the treacherous deeds of a skilled assassin known only as Mr. Ashe.

Lost DreamsLost Dreams is the third album by Banmier. Lost Dreams was inspired by my experiences working in Social Services.